Who we are

Rosie Rawle

I’m Rosie, Co-Chair of the Oxford Young Greens, and Co-Convenor of the South East Young Greens. I’m keen to campaign against the Tory-led austerity agenda, and its effects to our community here in Oxford. As Young Greens, I think we have a big role to play in building this resistance. So drop us a line and get involved. It’s time to rise up.

Emma Teworte

I am Emma, Co-Chair of Oxford Young Greens. I'm passionate about feminism and all things gender. Social justice, electoral reform and climate breakdown are also big on my agenda. I'm currently also on the Green Party Regional Council and part of Oxford Student Greens.

Chris Witt
Policy Officer

I want OYG to be a place for folks from any background. Passionate about liquid democracy and climate change. Organizing student workshops on elitism and social inequality. Centrally involved in 2017 county and general elections as volunteers coordinator officer for Oxfordshire Green Party. City council candidate for Blackbird Leys in 2018.

Emma Betts

I’m Emma Betts, the Treasurer for Oxford Young Greens, hoping to use my experience as an accountant to help manage our internal finances. As a queer trans woman, I’ll be pushing for solutions to issues such as homelessness, extortionate house prices and rents, and poor provision for mental healthcare, through an intersectional, materialist feminist lens, and in particular how they impact women and LGBTQIAP+ people.

Chris Jarvis
Communications Officer

I'm Chris, a writer and activist based in Oxford. I joined the Green Party in 2010, and have been active at all levels of the party since then, including with spells on both the Young Greens and Green Party Executive Committees. I'm now the communications officer for Oxford Young Greens.

Peter Nitsche-Whitfield
Transport Officer

I'm Peter, President of Oxford Student Greens and your Transport Officer - so I will be campaigning and thinking about how to make Oxford more bike-friendly and alleviate transport problems (trams, cable cars, anyone?). I'm also on the International Subcommitte of the Young Greens and a fervent European Internationalist.

Thomas Kiley
Campaigns Officer

I'm Thomas - I've been a member of the Green party since Christmas 2015 and have been involved in both local and general elections in Oxford. I am now the officer responsible for coordinating with the "Grown Ups Oxfordshire Green Party" for the Oxford Young Greens.